Tiny Houses on Wheels: Flexibility and Mobility in Small Scale Architecture

An Australian Tiny Home / CABN. Courtesy of CABN

An Australian Tiny Home / CABN. Courtesy of CABN

It is not clear where and when the wheel was invented, but according to American anthropologist David Anthony, author of a book on the history of the wheel, there is a series of archaeological evidence of wheeled vehicles dating from 3400 BC in Eurasia and the Middle East. Since its creation, the wheel has revolutionized the way human beings handle many activities, especially moving around.

In architecture, a field closely related to occupying spaces with strong and mostly permanent constructions, wheels may at first seem to be somewhat out of place. However, due to the increased popularity of small scale houses, which concentrate the many functions of a residence in minimal spaces, a new possibility for architecture is emerging: locomotion.

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