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Copenhagen in Common exhibition shows the city’s best and worst architecture

June 2, 2023 Amy Frearson 0

An exhibition has opened at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen filled with models that explore the history and future of the city’s buildings and landscapes. Copenhagen in Common tells the story of the Danish capital’s successful architecture and urban design, but also identifies the challenges facing designers working in the city today. With the city

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The Fractals at the Heart of Indigenous African Architecture

June 2, 2023 Paul Yakubu 0

Fractals are complex geometric shapes with fractional dimensional properties. They have emerged as swirling patterns within the frontiers of mathematics, information technology, and computer graphics. Over the last 30 years, these patterns have also become important modeling tools in other fields, including biology, geology, and other natural sciences. However, fractals have existed far beyond the birth of computers, and have been observed by anthropologists in indigenous African societies. One of which is Ron Eglash; an American scientist who presents the evidence of fractals in the architecture, art, textile sculpture, and religion of indigenous African societies. In his book, “African Fractals: Modern Computing and indigenous design”, the fractals in African societies are not simply accidental or intuitive but are design themes that evolve from cultural practices and societal structures.

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Tamarindo House / Taller Estilo Arquitectura

June 2, 2023 Benjamin Zapico 0

With the premise of “He arrived first”, Casa Tamarindo is a home that aims to explain the symbiosis between architecture and nature. The tree is the main piece and organizing axis of the architectural project. Built elements that frame nature from the main entrance to the other spaces that make up the program. The location of the walls that organize the floor plan functions as guidelines that lead us to the main entrance of the house.

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PAN Bakery Milano / studio wok

June 2, 2023 Paula Pintos 0

The meeting between Japan and Milan in a neighborhood bar. Pan’s architectural project stems from the desire to create a physical and material transposition of the innovative format of the place: Pan is a bakery, kitchen, and wine bar, a neighborhood place born from the collaboration between the Japanese chef Yoji Tokuyoshi and Alice Yamada, with the goal of democratizing Japanese culture.

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Designing Naturally Illuminated Learning Environments on a Tight Budget

June 2, 2023 Camila Prieto 0

As societies evolve, educational facilities also undergo continuous transformation processes to keep up. In terms of their design strategies, they must embrace modern approaches that respond to the changing needs of students and teachers. Including flexible, inclusive, and engaging spaces that seamlessly integrate technological advances, contemporary educational design aims to enhance learning and collaborative work, as well as comfort and wellbeing.

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CHITRAKUT Residences / AANGAN Architects

June 2, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

Chitrakut – An Extended Family Cluster- Faliyu is a remarkable architectural project that seeks to honor and celebrate the traditional Indian way of living within a traditional housing cluster (faliyu). The design for the extended family comprises six individual units to accommodate six families, featuring a traditional atlas (verandas) and a central open space (chogan).