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Architecture of the Afterlife: Crypts, Tombs and Mausoleums

August 4, 2020 Eric Baldwin 0

Mortality defines both architecture and human experience. Throughout time, funerary structures have been designed across societies and civilizations to ground personal and shared beliefs. The idea of the afterlife shapes how these buildings are made, from symbolic monuments to vast tombs and crypts. Now a new range of modern architecture has been designed for remembrance and reflection.

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“A Building Should Be Nurturing and Protect People Within”: In conversation with Douglas Cardinal

August 4, 2020 Vladimir Belogolovsky 0

Douglas Cardinal (b. 1934) is a visionary indigenous Canadian architect based in Ottawa, Ontario. He grew up in Red Deer, Alberta. His mother, who was of German origins, loved painting and music, and both became his passions as well during his years at a Catholic boarding school. In 1953, he started studying architecture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, but was forced to leave two years later due to his outspoken opposition to follow rigid geometry of the Bauhaus and International Style models, championed by his professors. He wanted to create buildings that would respond to nature and the organic rhythm of life, drawing from his childhood experience of being intimate with nature.

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HEYTEA LAB Guangzhou / Leaping Creative

August 4, 2020 罗靖琳 - Jinglin Luo 0

Since 2018, HEYTEA’s young and cool DNA has been going deep into consumers’ minds through working with different designers to give each of its stores a distinctive image. Currently, the brand is continually exploring new themes and design styles for its new stores, with a view to opening up new possibilities to revitalize traditional Chinese tea culture.

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Morris + Company to extend Walter Segal’s former London home

August 4, 2020 Tom Ravenscroft 0
Morris + Company to extend Walter Segal's home in Highgate, London

Architecture studio Morris + Company has designed an extension for the self-built home of Walter Segal in north London that is “a direct homage” to the architect’s body of work. Located in Highgate, London, Segal built North Hill House for himself and his family in 1964. The London-based architecture studio will renovate and extend the home in

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Eagle Studio / waa

August 4, 2020 Collin Chen 0

The Eagle Studio is a community for artist training located in Hangzhou. The 72,000 m2 campus is designed to accommodate over 3000 students as an intensive 8 months tuition preparing for the college entrance exam to tier-one arts institutions. We look to the building as a “dream factory”, a spatial model for an arts community helping to fulfill the ambition of its temporary users.