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Masquespacio designs cavernous restaurant interior that nods to adobe architecture

January 17, 2022 Jane Englefield 0
Interior of adobe-informed restaurant in Valencia

Local studio Masquespacio added undulating, earthy-toned walls to an intimate Valencia restaurant that takes cues from the “organic forms” of Middle Eastern architecture. Living Bakkali is located in the Spanish coastal city of Valencia and features bespoke furniture designed entirely by Masquespacio, a design studio known for its use of colour in projects. The restaurant is

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Studio Andrew Trotter designs penthouse and event space inside former Athens warehouse

January 17, 2022 Natasha Levy 0
White sofa under Corten-steel staircase in 10AM Lofts event space in Athens by Studio Andrew Trotter

Raw concrete walls serve as a backdrop to vintage furnishings in this rentable venue and guest suite that Studio Andrew Trotter has created within a converted 1970s industrial building in Athens, Greece. The six-storey warehouse, now named 10AM Lofts, features a multi-purpose event space spread over its basement and ground floor, which can host anything

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The Architecture of Museums: The Evolution of Curatorial Spaces

January 17, 2022 Matthew Maganga 0

Across the globe, museums function as cultural landmarks – spaces of significance that quite often become defining symbols of a city’s architectural landscape. Historical examples such as the Museum de Fundatie in the Netherlands and The Louvre Museum in France continue to attract millions of visitors, with contemporary architectural interventions to them redefining their spatial contribution to their local context.

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Living Bakkali Restaurant / Masquespacio

January 17, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

Living Bakkali, like the restaurant’s name expresses is a place to live sensorial experiences both for the palate as well as for the tact and the vision. Inspired by the Middle East the design wishes to take you to the most profound part of the dessert, connecting you with a marvelous environment for many unknown and full of mystery. 

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Oito Casas / Murmuro

January 17, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

The Project is part of an alottment plan that previously predicted a set of seven isolated houses that would follow the existing topography. In the northern side of the site is defined by the city’s urban limit. The aim of the promoter was to maximize the interior areas of the dwellings and the usufruct of each individual exterior space assuming a particular importance of the southern views to the city valley and the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus.

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How Can Effective Management of Project Information Improve Project Delivery?

January 17, 2022 Rene Submissions 0

From planning to construction, architecture is more than designing buildings. With many multidisciplinary actors involved and the continuous flow of images, plans, and files, any project is also about managing large amounts of information. Because architects usually have tight deadlines – having to complete a certain number of buildings in a specific time frame – data must be managed productively and efficiently. However, as construction projects and delivery methods continue to increase in complexity, managing information has become more difficult than ever. And with the COVID-19 pandemic added to the mix, architecture firms now have a remote workforce which impacts how and where employees access information. Therefore, in order to ensure effective project delivery, the challenge lies in successfully managing project information.

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Artisan House / MOCO

January 17, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The Artisan House is an extension to an existing one-story house which is intended to be a private gallery for the owner’s art collection and additional space for family activities. The location of this house is part of the gated community that is made of multiple large houses next to each other. The existing house is one of the two habitations in the same plot in which they lived together with their parent.