Wood in Architecture: 9 Unbuilt Timber Projects Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

Courtesy of PCA - Stream | La Source Vive

Courtesy of PCA – Stream | La Source Vive

Sustainability has taken center stage in the broad world of architecture and design, inspiring and directing the construction of new structures towards environmental harmony. The use of wood, a classic material with enormous potential to lessen our ecological impact while providing limitless design possibilities, is a notable example of this movement’s implementation. In the fight for sustainability in the field of architecture, wood has become an ally. Its distinctive qualities, such as renewability and carbon neutrality, have inspired creative methods among architects worldwide.

A wide range of architectural projects, from vital healthcare facilities to exciting mixed-use buildings, cultural hubs, and welcoming residential spaces, benefit from wood’s extraordinary versatility as a building material. In fact, wood’s natural warmth and biophilic qualities can create spaces that reduce stress and promote well-being. Furthermore, the carbon-neutral nature of wood aligns perfectly with the design industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

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