Textural Luxury Home Interiors With Exquisite Details

Modern furniture, designer lamps, plush area rug, and exquisite details come together to create these two luxury home designs. Visualised by NK Interior, each of these stunning interiors is spacious, airy, and light-filled. Modern decor palettes of warm beige and cool grey combos create a peaceful and elegant image, which is brought to life by textural elements. The first tour takes place in a spacious villa in Dubai, UAE, where a modern living space breaks open to a luxe pool terrace. The master bedroom features a unique headboard feature wall in textured travertine. The second villa offers a fabulous array of inspiration for double-height interiors and high-end touches.

In the open and spacious living room of this luxury villa in Dubai, a large modular sofa arrangement makes a U-shaped, conversational arrangement. Edge-to-edge glass doors create a light-filled interior. The doors slide away to connect the living room with a sun terrace and swimming pool.

A wood-clad TV wall makes a rich focal point. The designers of the villa played with contrasts between cool and warm shades to make a visually interesting combination. The texture palette was completed with a combination of smooth finishes and tactile reliefs.

A low coffee table features a unique sloped surface. The interesting piece is simply adorned with an understated decorative bowl and a neat stack of coffee table books.

Potted plants bring a little of the outdoor environment indoors, as well as contributing an uplifting green accent colour.

A modern light installation loops low over the lounge area, creating a dramatic statement.

In the formal dining area, a unique linear suspension light illuminates the length of a racetrack-shaped dining table. Cognac-coloured dining chairs encircle the grey stone table with visual warmth.

Modern art creates wonderful highlights around the home. This 3D relief piece complements the tonal grey floor tiles.

Inside the luxury bedroom, a wide platform bed lays down a modern asymmetrical design. Travertine panels build a stunning, textural headboard feature wall. The 3D statement wall is backlit to further accentuate its beauty.

A round bedroom rug breaks up the linearity of the bedroom design. A rounded bedside table smoothly overlaps the edge of the platform bed.

At the foot of the bed, the bedroom TV is concealed within its stylish wooden mount.

Two large bedroom pendant lights drop at one side of the bed, adding to the layered design of the headboard feature wall.

On the opposite side of the bed, a floor lamp is poised to provide reading light.

There is a small lounge area in a corner of the bedroom that benefits from natural sunlight. An olive tree provides a burst of scenery.

Glass side tables have a light impact on the bedroom layout, which allows the focus to remain on two stylishly patterned lounge chairs.

The dressing room is combined with a double-sink vanity unit. Backlit bathroom mirrors and a matching round vanity mirror provide atmospheric lighting.

A comfortable vanity chair pulls up to the dressing table, which doubles as a desk.

Glass-fronted wardrobes and concealed units run behind the vanity area.

Recessed spotlights brightly illuminate the dressing room.

In the spa, a frameless shower space design is warmly lit behind a brown-tinted glass enclosure.

A slatted travertine wall treatment adds divine texture to the shower enclosure. A small travertine table holds toiletries close at hand.

3D artwork appears to float across the textural travertine focal wall.

An indoor plant bed makes the spa feel connected to the terrace outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Out on the terrace, a firepit roars at the centre of a cosy outdoor chair arrangement.

Floor lamps light up the deck.

This luxury villa in Doha, Qatar, features an airy double-height living space. A curved sofa is situated to face outward to the view.

The TV wall features its own curved design, which pulls away from the edges of the screen in an interesting framework of panels. Above the TV wall, large windows allow a glimpse of the top floor.

A neutral warm beige and tonal grey colour palette gives the first-floor decor scheme a cohesive aesthetic. A play of texture adds depth and layering.

Exquisite details elevate the serene beige and grey living room decor scheme. A unique living room floor lamp builds a striking silhouette beside the curved sofa. Striking pendant lights form a reflective installation in the towering void above.

At the opposite end of the modern sofa, a small side table places a light, textural travertine accent. A copper coffee table gleams in the centre of the space.

A grey area rug defines the lounge from a nearby kitchen bar area.

The formal dining area runs alongside the kitchen. Backlit display shelves form an attractive backdrop for the eating area.

The U-shaped kitchen is given a high-end aesthetic with textured travertine wall panels and a matching peninsula. Tall grey wall cabinets extend elegantly up to the ceiling line, making the most of vertical storage space.

Two upholstered kitchen bar stools are paired up at the ​​peninsula breakfast bar. A wooden countertop creates definition from the limestone kitchen worktop.

A linear pendant light evenly illuminates the modern dining table, keeping things bright for all diners present.

The dining table is a smooth racetrack-shaped design with beautifully fluted legs.

Six softly upholstered dining chairs encircle the cool stone table.

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