Sunny Decor Scheme To Feel Like Summer All Year Round

This harmonious living space in Park Stone, designed by Olga Tarasenko, has a light bright and airy atmosphere. The open plan layout offers a large living room, a master bedroom, a children’s room and two bathrooms. The space is dashed with vibrant colour, in vivid shades of aqua and yellow for a high contrast, high energy look. The fun scheme works perfectly for a young family, providing a strong modern style of living for adults in the home, whilst being uplifting and visually stimulating for the younger members of the family. Even on the dullest day, this colour scheme would make it seem like the sun is shining.

Photographer: Eugene Deshko  

Bright aqua curtains and scatter cushions adorn the lounge area in the open plan layout. The eye-catching accents sing against gallery white walls and a plain grey modern sofa with a footstool.

The television console has a yellow feature cubby to provide a sprig of contrast to the blue scheme.

Over in the window, a collection of indoor plants drink in the natural sunlight, which is diffused through white window voiles. The house plants are bedded in pots of a matching colour but in a variety of shapes. A grouping of exposed bulb pendants light up a reading corner that is furnished with a comfortable white recliner chair.

A white area rug keeps things cosy underfoot without fighting for attention with the other more colourful accessories in the room.

The flooring is a bleached woodtone, almost white in appearance.

A home aquarium is situated in the centre of a white gloss storage cabinet, and can be viewed from two perspectives. The peep hole created by the tank allows anyone seated in the living room to glimpse a snippet of the kitchen on the other side, as though the fish might fill an old serving hatch.

On the other side of the fishtank, the kitchen diner contains six turquoise dining chairs around a white rectangular table. Above the modern table, three small dining pendant lights line up in a neat row.

A white and yellow kitchen stands behind the eating area. The cabinet fronts are all of a flat-fronted and handle-free gloss white finish. Only two display cubbies break the run, situated high in the wall cabinet arrangement.

A decorative vase on the table top brings some of the yellow accent colour over to the dining area, where yellow tulips are mixed with a cheerful pink variety.

The dining pendant lights have been mounted onto a dropped ceiling panel, which mirrors the rectangular shape of the dining table below.

Even some of the fish in the wall aquarium have been colour coordinated with the sunny decor scheme.

The yellow accent kitchen also has a bright yellow glass kitchen backsplash running around its full L-shaped arrangement.

Two steps climb up from the floor of the kitchen-diner, leading to a spectacular viewing spot. Two cosy chaises–one plain pale grey, the other a patterned blue fabric–have been pushed together as an impromptu relaxation place. Here, views of a sweeping panorama beyond the exterior window glass can be absorbed, or one could enjoy the calming display of meandering fish behind the interior glass of the aquarium. A small side table provides a spot to place a soothing cup of tea – or something stronger to round off the day.

In a change of pace from the aqua shades and sunshine yellow found in the rest of the apartment, the master bedroom is vision of purple and white.

Delicate framed bedroom pendant lights hang at either side of a feather themed headboard. The vista plants a notion of how soft the bed might be, encouraging relaxation and sleep.

A bank of shelving opposite the bed holds a selection of decorative vases, indoor plants and family picture frames.

The bathroom is decorated with teal tiles behind the bathtub and shower unit, and also behind the toilet. A display of horizontally striped blue and teal tiles adorn the vanity area, above and below mirrored cabinets.

Bright yellow paintwork meets us in the kid’s room, with a contrasting teal desk chair and shelf accents. The kid’s chair is actually the same design as those used as dining chairs out in the kitchen.

A novelty kids’ rug displays a graphic print in matching shades.

On the opposite side to the yellow painted wall, a map wall decal has been applied over black paintwork.

Kids’ beds are another great place to inject a chunk of colour into a fun decor scheme, like this turquoise upholstered bed.

In one corner of the bedroom, a kids’ play gym has been built, complete with rope ladders, climbing wall, climbing rope and viewing platform.

A play den is formed in the space beneath the platform, which would also make a great reading nook with the introduction of a small lamp.

Out in the home entryway, an interesting feature wall has been created with geometric tile. The application covers just one half of the wall and ends in an irregular and scattered edge. The wall behind the white tiling is a slightly darker tint of pale mellow taupe, to cause the geometric design stand out without being too strong. A teal cube stool sits at one end of the hallway to tie in with the colour story or the apartment.

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