Restful Home Designs With A Focus On Finishes

Interior decor isn’t just aesthetics, it affects how we feel whilst we’re in our homes. When the outer world is hectic or grey with city grime, it pays to create a light and restful space that you’ll love to come home to. The two serene home interiors that we’re exploring here today are designed to put forth a sense of peace via light neutral furnishings and smooth finishes. Modern wall panelling builds a comforting cocoon around airy living spaces, building a soothing atmosphere of safe refuge. We’ll take a look at practical layouts that achieve a stress-free environment for daily life, master bedrooms that promote sleep, and effective cosy lighting schemes.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

A wall of wooden storage units makes a smooth and serene backdrop for the open plan living space of our first restful modern home interior.

The open concept is cut into sections by a large comfortable sofa and a crisp modern kitchen island. A round coffee table marks the core of the lounge area in smooth, light stone. A smaller, contrasting black table and a black floor lamp make bold accents alongside the lighter elements of the living room.

The black floor reading lamp is teamed with a stylish swivel lounge chair to make an inviting sitting spot by the window.

A chaise sofa section creates a subtle visual stop at the end of the lounge area.

The sectional sofa follows the border of a gently patterned and tonal area rug, which defines the lounge from the adjacent dining space.

In the dining area, a strip of mirror is installed underneath the floating storage cabinets to achieve a light and spacious optical illusion.

The TV wall features an attractive installation of modern wooden wall panels which alternate between a simple smooth finish and a fashionably fluted texture. A slimline media shelf cuts across the light grain.

Two chic dining room pendant lights elegantly anchor the open plan dining spot in place. They hang low to the dining table to create an intimate setting.

A unique ​​decorative vase brings a flash of natural greenery to the modern wooden dining table. A decorative tray completes the centrepiece.

The kitchen island has a crisp modern aesthetic with a stylishly elevated countertop design.

The finish of the kitchen island ties in with the light stucco kitchen wall and a block of matching base and wall units. Understated wooden counterparts warmly frame the pale stucco effect. Black appliances, a black kitchen faucet, and adjustable track lights make smart contrast.

Another black track light installation makes its way up and over the master bedroom design. A black bedroom pendant light balances out the other side of the room.

The cream upholstered bed is complemented by a luxurious upholstered headboard feature wall. The soft fabric helps to dampen noise for a restful night’s sleep.

Wood panelling neatly encases the window wall, ending at the deep gathers of a plush bedroom drape.

The ​​bedroom pendant light descends on a simple, minimalist bedside unit that has tidy storage in its base for books.

A vertical strip is removed from the upholstered headboard feature wall to make way for a cosy column of mood lighting by the bed.

At the foot of the bed, a dressing table is equipped with an illuminated vanity mirror.

A glass vase decorates a set of mini storage drawers, which neatly stow away accessories and makeup.

The bespoke wardrobe is tucked tidily behind space-saving sliding doors. Built-in shelving houses shoes, small luggage pieces, and bins of out-of-season items.

Recessed spotlights provide the wardrobe with interior lighting.

In the home entryway, a unique modern pouf is placed up alongside a wide full-length hallway mirror. LED strip lights are hidden around the edge of the mirror to emit a warm and atmospheric glow.

A walk-in closet is situated on the opposite side of the front door.

The shower room sports a clean and inviting scheme of cream stucco and warm wood tone. A large bathroom mirror increases the sense of space in the compact room.

A modern bathroom faucet is teamed with a unique sink design, where water drains into a slotted waste at the rear of a sloping base.

Individual towel bars climb a narrow wall space by the door.

Black shower fixtures darkly contrast with the pale wet wall.

Visualizer: Reham Karam Sokkar  

A textured TV wall draws much attention in our second featured home design.

A large area rug adds softness beneath the lounge, warmly buffering it from cool concrete floor screed. The unique accent chair is the Etcetera Lounge Chair by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet.

The living room works around a large L-shaped formation, which makes way for a more isolated formal dining area. A round rug defines a separate, small sitting area at the back of the room, where LED strips illuminate reeded wall panels.

In the formal dining room, upholstered chairs accommodate up to ten diners. A large dining room chandelier spans the length of the long table.

In the kitchen, wooden bar stools furnish a breakfast bar area, whilst more dining chairs complete an informal family dining spot.

Large windows bring in natural light and a serene garden view.

In the home entryway, a textured, racetrack-shaped sideboard complements the fluted wall panels.

The modern staircase has an ethereal presence, standing in pure white marble.

Moving up to the master bedroom, a white bedroom rug lays a light pause onto wood chevron flooring.

A fluted feature wall makes a textural addition behind the headboard.

A wall-mounted vanity unit touches down onto the edge of a floating media unit to create a sleek, stepped effect.

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