One AutoCAD, Seven Specialized Toolsets

In the last view days, AutoCAD marketing team published several image teaser. All of the images have date stamp 3.22.2018. And while they seem random, they are certainly referring to the number “1”. Many of you guess it must be related to AutoCAD 2019 release, the number 1 is because it’s the 2018 +1.

You are not wrong. It is related to AutoCAD 2019 launch. But there is something bigger than just another AutoCAD release.

It’s now AutoCAD 2019 Including Specialized Toolsets. It means you do not only get AutoCAD 2019, but you also have access to the specialized toolsets (formerly known as AutoCAD verticals). ONE AutoCAD, with seven specialized toolsets.

The Toolsets Included

Are the toolsets new features or products? No. They are existing products, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, and the other toolsets already exist for years now.

It means that when you subscribe to AutoCAD today, you also have access to the verticals. It is a pretty similar concept to Autodesk Suite or Collection.

What toolsets are included? With the new AutoCAD 2019 subscription, you will also get:

  1. Architecture Toolset (AutoCAD Architecture).
  2. Mechanical Toolset (AutoCAD Mechanical).
  3. Electrical Toolset (AutoCAD Electrical).
  4. MEP Toolset (AutoCAD MEP).
  5. Plant 3D Toolset (AutoCAD Plant 3D).
  6. Map 3D Toolset (AutoCAD Map 3D).
  7. Raster Design Toolset (AutoCAD Raster Design).

Is it possible to purchase AutoCAD 2019 only? No. I’m not sure if the price change after this new model, but there is no option to purchase only AutoCAD to get a lower price.

For Existing Customer

What if you already have AutoCAD with a subscription or an active maintenance subscription? Can you use the toolsets?

There are some schemes available:

  1. Maintenance subscription customers will not get the toolsets with their AutoCAD 2019. You need to move to the subscription to use the toolsets.
  2. Existing subscription will not automatically be migrated to AutoCAD with specialized toolsets. However, you can contact your reseller to see if you are eligible for a switch.
  3. Existing subscription customers can choose to stay and renew the current subscription.
  4.  If you purchase a subscription from Autodesk Store online, you can’t switch to AutoCAD 2019 Including Specialized Toolsets. Wait until the current subscription expires then purchase a new one.

My Point of View

I used to be excited when Autodesk release a new version of AutoCAD. But it’s been years I don’t feel that way anymore. There is no significant improvement in AutoCAD for years. Many people think that Autodesk doesn’t want AutoCAD to overlap or compete with the verticals or other hero products. If this is true, now that customers can get all of the products in one purchase the developer will have more freedom to develop AutoCAD.

While AutoCAD 2019 itself doesn’t have many new features, this new scheme is a big change. You don’t get only a few new features, but access to 7 toolsets.

I suspect the new scheme will affect the subscription price. But will it benefit you? Maybe. The question is will you use those toolsets? Will you actually get more? Share your opinion about the big change in the comment section.