Luxe Greige Neoclassical Home Design With Floor Plan

Classical features give this 82-square-meter home design an elegant air, while contemporary elements add a bold, fashion-forward aesthetic. Visualized by Uljanochkin, this luxe neoclassical home interior is lined with decorative boiserie and exquisite art. The furniture selection hits on a plethora of modern trends with a tufted sofa, bouclé chairs, marble coffee tables, globe lamps, and acrylic side tables. You’ll also find inspiration for adding arched motifs to the home, fluted glass features, modern chandeliers, glass-fronted wardrobes, and a chic home workspace. Stay with us until the end of the tour to find the apartment floor plan, which demonstrates effective use of space with no wasted voids.

The neoclassical living room is a high-ceilinged space with attractive wall and door moldings. Pale greige paintwork gives the room a restful look despite its intricate detailing. A greige tufted sofa looks irresistibly soft in the center of the room, and two bouclé lounge chairs add contrasting texture on each side.

A large living room chandelier adds a pearl-white sheen above the gray decor scheme. Behind the tufted couch, two backlit bookcases add an atmospheric glow from within moody black framework.

Decorative boiserie beautifully frames a wall-mounted TV. A modern gray media console unit with a black marble top makes a sleek underline.

Behind one bouclé lounge chair, a piece of artwork embodies this neoclassical decor scheme by featuring a classical subject in a modern translation. A white marble wall sconce adds a chic decorative touch at each side of the painting.

On top of the modern bookcase, a classic bust sculpture looks over the room.

A wood and brass sofa table house two globe table lamps to provide task lighting over the couch.

Heavy greige drapes frame two large living room windows. Traditional cast iron radiators are installed under the window sills.

An arched glass doorway stands on each side of the TV wall. The door on the left leads into a compact kitchen diner. The door on the right leads out into the front entryway.

A gray living room rug creates a soft island on top of herringbone wood flooring.

The modular tufted sofa configuration dips at its center to construct an open and airy flow.

A set of marble nesting coffee tables create a contrasting focal point at the heart of the room. Black decorative vases fashion a modern centerpiece on top.

An acrylic side table stands at each side of the sofa. Their translucency leaves the layout looking uncluttered and bright.

Upon entering the kitchen, we’re met with a formal dining area. A modern dining pendant light gives the small table a greater presence in the multi-functional room.

An L-shaped kitchen installation embraces the eating area. The wood cabinetry gives the greige room a deeper warmth, while a white marble backsplash builds a luxe look. A floating shelf displays black kitchen canisters that match the extractor unit.

The black and white marble pedestal dining table is teamed with black and gray upholstered chairs, which seat four people. Black and beige floor tiles spread an eye-catching pattern underneath.

A reeded glass vase forms the dining table centerpiece.

The entryway to the bedroom is situated behind the living room sofa.

Fluted glass doors obscure the bedroom from view of the living room, while maintaining a light and open appearance.

The contemporary bedroom chandelier compliments the modernity of the upholstered bed design. A layered headboard configuration builds visual interest.

A designer table lamp gleams with a warm brass finish beside the greige upholstered bed. A globe pendant light provides a reading light on the other side.

A patterned bedroom rug gives the space a cozy appeal and provides a soft landing around the bed for bare feet.

The gray and black marble nightstands match the style of the media console unit in the living room to achieve one cohesive aesthetic throughout the apartment. A vase of greenery adds a refreshing touch of nature to the bedside.

Glass-fronted wardrobes flank the bedroom doorway. LED light strips illuminate the garment rails and provide soft mood lighting to the room.

Over by the bedroom window, a chic wood and marble desk and an upholstered chair make up a stylish home workspace.

The desk chair matches the dining chairs in the kitchen, just in case there is an extra guest that needs to be seated at dinner.

The desk lamp features a white marble base that ties in with the desk’s marble element. A decorative tray keeps books and paperwork neat and tidy so that the bedroom remains a restful space.

A bouclé armchair, a brass floor lamp, and a black marble coffee table are gathered by a cylindrical ceramic stove in the bedroom to assemble an inviting reading nook.

The bouclé bedroom chair matches similar pieces in the living room, allowing the homeowner the opportunity to move pieces between spaces when needed or desired.

The home layout subtracts hallways to remove any wasted voids. Only the front entryway remains as a transition point, which conveniently shields the living space from the entry door. On the floor plan, we can also see that the bedroom matches the proportions of the main, sociable living space, giving each of them equal priority. The bathroom is accessible off the entryway so that guests do not pass through the homeowner’s private quarters to access the facilities.

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