Designing Strong Spaces With Black, Grey, And Greige

Black, grey, and greige decor elements boldly fuse together in the design of these two strong home interiors, visualised by Eugene Shkilnyuk. These dark interiors communicate a luxurious aesthetic with drama building in each shade, shadow, and moody lighting scheme. Open living room layouts are styled with laconic precision, sharp silhouettes, and an undercurrent of deep sophistication. In home design number one, a double-height living room makes a grand first impression, from which a glossy black marble staircase climbs above razor-sharp lighting. Home design number two is a suave apartment scheme that puts a twist on traditional wainscotting with uniquely curvaceous feature wall panelling.

A large modular sofa arrangement draws through the centre of our first featured home design, laying a light greige core inside a dark grey and black setting.

The double sided sofa layout faces toward the TV on one side of the living room and a serene treetop view on the other.

Huge globe pendant lights hover in a cluster above the lounge area, like great moons.

The TV is secured within a glossy black mount, which attaches onto a striking stone feature wall. The stone focal wall is atmospherically lit to accentuate its deep texture. Uplights highlight the delicate foliage of two indoor plants nearby.

A plush living room rug lays plush texture beneath and around the modern sofa, creating an island of comfort and design interest.

Throw pillows are colour matched to the modular sofa and the lying room rug to maintain the laconic decor palette.

The stone TV feature wall extends all the way up to the towering ceiling line of the double-height living room. Its LED perimeter lighting attracts the eye, calling attention to the spectacular dimensions of the space.

Huge slatted panels draw down the double-height void to create a light permeable room divider between the lounge and the dining room.

A small side table neatly wraps around the edge of the sofa to create a streamlined look.

Custom-made window drapes blend with the dark walls of the room and the black window frames.

Large format floor tiles further expand the sense of space in the impressive living room.

Black panels clad the ceiling, their dark colour causing the rafters to seem somewhat lower and the room to feel a little cosier. A smoked glass balustrade encloses the mezzanine landing and reflects the moon-like spherical pendants that descend through the void.

The dark ceiling treatment and large formal grey floor tiles continue through the lower, more enclosed hallway of the home to create a dramatic corridor of shadows.

Sculptural art appears out of the gloom, its angles and arches emphasised under the soft glow of sporadic mood lighting.

Just past the slatted room divider, dining room pendant lights match the moons above the neighbouring lounge. This they time appear even more dramatic by their proximity to a similarly sized dining table below.

The spherical pendant lights are complemented by a round dining table design and curvaceous modern dining chairs.

The midnight black dining chairs merge with the shadowy grey and black backdrop, coming alive only in moments of stolen light.

A spacious kitchen design unfolds nearby, with a large dining island placed at its heart.

A long, thin linear suspension light slices above the kitchen island, spilling soft illumination over its black worktop.

A cantilevered shelf extends around two sides of the kitchen island to form a breakfast bar.

SIx monolithic kitchen bar stools surround the sleek bar.

The kitchen sink and hob are situated at the back of the room, sandwiched between a bank of base and wall units with a cool industrial style finish.

A luxe black marble staircase design ascends to the upper floor of the home, with bright LED strip lights sharply defining every tread.

Another LED strip cuts down a custom-cut mirror in the home entryway, where it beams light onto a convenient dressing area by the front door.

This suave apartment design features an uber-soft tufted sofa as its hero piece.

The modular couch locks around a modern sofa table, whilst a smaller side table tightly hugs the arm rest.

Behind the sofa, the open layout flows into the kitchen and dining space.

In front of the couch, a sleek TV wall unfolds with a glossy black mount and rich walnut wall panelling.

A light rug gently brightens the room and adds a cosy touch.

Grey scatter cushions plump up the modern sofa design.

An indoor tree grows an explosion of texture and greenery into the restrained scheme.

The kitchen island is combined with a lower dining table design, where four unique dining stools sit at a comfortable height.

A modern chandelier twists and turns above the full length of the kitchen island and dining table to further unite the combined concept.

Candles and decorative bowls make a modern dining table centrepiece.

Large windows bring natural light into the dark kitchen.

The stone effect island complements a stone backsplash at the back of the room.

In the hallway, walnut wall panelling follows the same aesthetic as the TV wall in the lounge to achieve a cohesive flow.

A huge mirror creates an optical illusion of added space in the home entryway.

This interior design puts a new twist on traditional wainscotting with uniquely curvaceous feature wall panelling.

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