Cozy 35 Square Meter Apartment Makeover With Floor Plan

With the inability to move or remove the panel structures that segment this apartment, the challenge was on to arrange functional areas to best serve the new homeowners. Visualised by Viktoriia Aloshyna, the 35.3 square meter apartment features an entry hall with wardrobe, a kitchen and dining room, a compact bathroom and utility combo, and a living room that merges with the bedroom, main wardrobe, and a dressing table area. The interior is a pure white and light greige aesthetic with a soft and cosy vibe. Storage has been installed in every nook and cranny to maintain a clear and open appeal without visual noise or overwhelm.

We begin our tour of this cosy apartment in the living room, where soft greige walls, a small sofa, and a complementary upholstered stool build a calming colour base alongside crisp white elements. Framed wall art sets a warm visual anchor upon the sofa focal wall.

A black side table and a matching black floor lamp place dark contrast around one end of the sofa, where they fashion a comfortable and practical reading area. A small textured rug lays down a light pause upon the wood laminate flooring.

The window end of the living room switches function into a cozy bedroom nook. A solid white podium bed base serves to visually separate the bedroom area from the lounge and offers a large storage space too. Olive accent pillows and a matching throw add a muted splash of colour.

The podium bed and master wardrobe form a single cube that can be sectioned off behind a portiere curtain. The drape is sheer so that natural light from the window still falls upon the lounge when the bedroom is closed off.

A decorative vase adds a contrasting black accent to a white radiator cover under the window, where a sweet bird figurine peers out toward a city view.

An open shelving unit makes a decorative end to the run of white wardrobes in the bedroom cube. A minimalist book collection and a few understated candles lightly adorn the tower of shelves. A floating vanity table is tucked up alongside the bedroom cube to form a dressing area with a large mirror.

A small TV is wall-mounted beside the vanity area, where it can be viewed from both the sofa and the bed.

The custom-cut floor-to-ceiling vanity mirror boosts light and the perception of space in the small room.

The kitchen diner is isolated from the living room/bedroom, separated by the entry hall. The kitchen is a compact room and so plain white kitchen units have been utilised to help the space feel larger and brighter.

A small dining table tucks into the corner of the room beside the window. Modern white dining chairs with olive seat cushions seat two. A small dining table pendant light attractively anchors the mini dining set in place.

Open kitchen shelves provide the opportunity to add a little decor to the minimalist kitchen installation.

Black fixtures make stark contrast with the white cabinets in the small kitchen. A light grey countertop subtly shades the prep area.

Originally the apartment featured a very long balcony area. To make better use of this additional space, the outdoor balcony area was halved in favour of a new indoor part that can accommodate the young homeowners in all weathers.

In the ample home entryway, a tufted cube pouf sets a deep olive accent next to a mirrored wall. The seat and mirror make a useful dressing spot for slipping on shoes and making a last minute check on appearance before dashing out the door.

An LED strip light draws along the top edge of the custom-cut mirror to offer bright illumination where there are no windows.

The floor-to-ceiling mirror widens the look of the hallway on one side, whilst a small entryway shelf makes a handy location in which to put down keys and phones. A small lamp adds a soft glow to the shelf, which serves as a hallway nightlight after dark.

The enclosed balcony makes a cosy reading nook and functions as valuable storage space too. A hidden storage drawer tucks away into the deep base of the built-in reading chair, and shallow overhead cabinets extend all the way up to the ceiling line. Narrow shelves add a decorative element.

The remaining outdoor balcony serves the couple well in warmer weather. A set of modern outdoor chairs and a small side table fashion a great place to take coffee.

In the bathroom, modern wall sconces are grouped with a round mirror and clean white cabinets to style a simple vanity area.

Vertical subway tiles clad the walls from the vanity backsplash to the shower wall. An ultra narrow towel heater and a fabric laundry basket squeeze into a tight nook in-between. A corner shower cubicle clears a walkway across the small bathroom whilst offering adequate space inside.

The bathroom doubles as a utility room, An olive green appliance housing unit contains the washer-dryer and neatly hides away laundry supplies above.

The 3D floor plan illustrates the new division of balcony space between outdoor and indoor use.

The outdoor balcony area is accessed via the new indoor section, where the door can be propped open to create a gentle breeze into the reading nook.

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