BricsCAD Shape, The New Player in Conceptual Modeling

Bricsys recently released BricsCAD Shape. BricsCAD Shape is a free-form modeling software. If you are familiar with Trimble Sketchup, then it is very similar. It is a conceptual tool to create 3D model.

What is the difference with its competitors?

We know that there are similar tools available. Sketchup is the most popular, then Autodesk also has FormIt. What does Bricscad Shape offer?

It’s a Free Desktop App

First: it’s free and it’s a desktop app.

We know that Sketchup offers Sketchup Make for free before. But you may not use it for commercial use. For 2018 version, Sketchup Make is no longer available. Trimble now offers free version of Sketchup, but it is a web app. It means you need to have an internet connection to work with it.

FormIt is always a web app. It is also free and you have the option to upgrade to Pro.

BricsCAD Shape is free and you can install it on your computer.

It uses DWG format

FormIt uses OBJ, STL, and SAT format. Sketchup uses it’s native SKP format. BricsCAD Shape uses DWG format.

Many software support importing SKP now. However, DWG is supported by many more software. I’m not sure if this is a huge advantage, though.

Modeling Precision

BricsCAD Shape is claimed to has better precision than the other conceptual tools. I’m not familiar with Sketchup and Formit as well, but the input is very familiar for AutoCAD and BricsCAD users.

If we only create perpendicular and parallel lines on SketchUp and FormIt, it’s easy. But I can’t seem to able to find how I can input the angle.

BricsCAD Shape vs Sketchup vs Autodesk FormIt

Bricsys only offers free version of BricsCAD Shape. To make it fair, let’s compare it to the free version of Sketchup and FormIt.

I think the strongest advantage of BricsCAD Shape the desktop app. The cursor input is defenitely a plus. But the other benefits are not significant to me. It says that its a start for modeling BIM, but I only can see it as a conceptual modeling tool.

You can download BricsCAD Shape here and see the tutorial video here.

If you are familiar with Sketchup and FormIt, feel free to share your thoughts about BricsCAD Shape in the comment form.