“Awareness Makes us Human”: In Conversation with Boonserm Premthada, Founder of Bangkok Project Studio

“It’s all about attitude and adjusting to the existing circumstances”, explains Boonserm Premthada, when asked about his conceptual process. Founder of Bangkok Project Studio, and one of today’s most influential Thai figures in architecture, Premthada has been the subject of Bêka & Lemoine‘s latest documentary, ‘Big Ears Listen With Feet’. The film highlights the personal story of the architect, unveiling all the events and happenings that shaped his unique identity and sensibility. “Deaf from birth”, the short movie looks at how the architect’s disability led him to listen in a different way, learning from elephants. who “despite their large ears […] perceive sound mostly through their feet.”

ArchDaily had the chance to talk with Boonserm Premthada, during Milan Design Week 2022 at the Daaily bar. Recipient of the Design Prize 2021|22 for social impact curated by designboom, the architect shared insights about his beginnings, his office as well as his creative approach, and his projects. Discover the conversation and watch the world online premiere of ‘Big Ears Listen With Feet’ from tonight November 25 (7pmCET) until November 27 (midnight CET) on desigbnoom.

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