A Home Design Shaped By Lifestyle And Mindset

Our homes should be planned and used in a way that reflects us. Rule books can be torn up when there is no one to please but yourself and your family. This 220 sqm home design in Shangrao, China, aims to embrace this freedom of thinking. Visualized by Shexia Design, the interior is shaped by unique moments that serve a certain lifestyle and mindset. The living room is a resting place where most elements are hidden away behind panel doors. A small indoor courtyard provides an opportunity for contemplation, and a covered balcony area is fashioned as a magnetic place to unwind with a glass of wine.

The living room is a communication of classic styling and a modern minimalist mindset, blended with art. A freeform rug gives the layout a unique basis upon which to build. A curved sofa embraces the edge of the rug, while a wooden coffee table draws a figure of 8 at its center.

A hanging chair gives the living room a playful energy. It is a place to read, think, and dream. Sunlight pours in through large windows to gently warm the spot.

An iridescent side table table colorfully links with the warm red sofa upholstery, subtle rug detail, and modern wall art.

Behind the modern sofa, a textured feature wall is clad with fluted gypsum wall panels. Thin, floating shelves elegantly display a refined collection of books and decorative items.

More books and a cluster of glass vases adorn the wood coffee table.

The window runs the entire width of the living space, which opens up a stunning panorama of Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. Wide, sliding glass doors retract to adjoin the living room with a covered balcony area.

The covered balcony is a magnetic space that floats the homeowners amongst the clouds and the birds. A low-level window seat is built from sleek gray granite. The window bench construction is stepped to create a comfortable sitting height at one end and an indoor planter at the other.

Tufted seat cushions are placed along the L-shaped bench to make a more comfortable seat. The remaining granite slab is left exposed as a side table or bar area. A small side table is also on hand to be moved where most needed. A rattan lounge chair introduces a warm, natural tone to the space, which complements a wood-slatted feature wall and ceiling.

An eye-catching stone bench makes a sculptural statement inside a glass wall courtyard design. The bench is coupled with a unique, beaded pendant light to make an artistic ensemble. A modern fireplace flames against a beautiful white marble backdrop.

A small tree grows inside the indoor courtyard, bringing a touch of nature closer to the kitchen diner area at the back of the apartment.

The courtyard serves as a stunning focal point for a corridor of storage units. A copper ceiling shimmers overhead.

The kitchen diner area is a space for family, close friends, and connection. Unique modern dining chairs seat up to four people around the wooden dining table.

A red dining room pendant light adds a bright pop of color to the predominantly white and wood tone decor scheme.

The wooden dining table runs up against a white marble kitchen island.

A wall of white kitchen units frames a deep green backsplash and a matching green marble countertop. A ribbon of LEDs highlights the colorful accent.

Two copper kitchen bar stools pull up to the white marble kitchen island. The hob is installed on the island to allow the chef to face their guests.

The bedroom is a soothing sanctuary of self-care.

A gray upholstered bed and a mauve bed set make a soft combination. A wall-mounted bedside unit is colored to camouflage with the pale wall stucco. A tall glass vase displays a sprig of greenery on top.

The mauve colorway from the bed set bleeds into an extraordinary end of bed bench design with an ombre finish. The eye-catching piece adds curves to the room, which complements a curved, dropped ceiling application.

An ensuite bathroom area is framed within an archway around the main window. A freestanding bathtub is raised upon a white marble platform to create clear zoning.

The bathtub area is blessed with gorgeous views, creating a wonderful spot in which to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

A wooden garment rail is ceiling mounted beside the tub, ready to receive discarded clothes or to deliver a fresh outfit for the day.

A simple wooden chair holds towels and toiletries next to the bathtub.

The walk in wardrobe is an enviable space with custom-made cabinetry, an accessories island, a vanity table, and a plush window seat.

Glass-fronted wardrobes display key pieces for the season and luxury items. Closed closets hide away lesser pieces and out-of-season collections. Shelving towers store and display designer handbags and shoes.

While the bathtub is situated within the bedroom floor plan, a separate ensuite bathroom contains the bathroom sink and WC. A full-height bathroom mirror draws a half-moon behind a luxe green marble vanity unit.

A metal soap dispenser and toothbrush holder match the brushed nickel bathroom faucet and bottle trap. The vanity unit runs into a window recess that is shared with the bedroom, and a column of glass bricks construct a further bright connection.

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