51 Modern Kid’s Room Ideas With Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours

A kid’s bedroom is their domain to play, create, study and relax. It’s a do-it-all space for the youngest members of the household, so it’s only right that these spaces demand perhaps the biggest creative input when it comes to decorating. Kids will likely have quite a few ideas of their own when it comes to their rooms, not all of which you will agree with, but style doesn’t have to be compromised. This gallery of 51 kids room designs is packed with stylish kids’ decor ideas including modern bedroom furniture, minimalist kids’ room concepts, inspiration for unique kids’ beds, bunk beds and play bunks, practical kids’ study areas and active play spaces.

Visualizer: Need Design  

Create layers of fun. When ceiling height allows, play space can be increased by incorporating a play bunk into a kids’ room. This low floor bed design increases the amount of available vertical space. A simple ladder gives access to a hangout area and cosy reading nook above.

Visualizer: Fenix Design  

Contour with colour. This colourful headboard feature wall adds depth and dimension to the room, whilst inspiring colour block elements in the rest of the scheme.

Visualizer: hilight. design  

Another showstopping feature wall and bold bed combo.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

This floral wall mural is the inspirational spark for a collection of pink bedroom furniture and a matching pink racetrack mirror. A couple of grey furniture pieces balance out the sweetness.

Visualizer: Alisa Solar  

Shape up. If your kids are stuck on one single favourite colour, then shape things up with eye-catching silhouettes like this teddy bear themed kids’ bed and bunny ear kids’ chairs.

Visualizer: DVOETOCHIE  

Teenagers’ colour obsessions are easily worked into contemporary color blocking. A second accent hue will enliven the look.

Visualizer: Rina Lovko Studio  

Looking good in wood, this custom built kids’ furniture and integrated floor bed design keeps the room streamlined whilst highly functional. Ombre drapes add a wonderfully soft pastel hint to complement the light quality of the bare timber.

Visualizer: Irina Maslova  

The older the kid is, the more book storage they’re going to need for their studies. Be sure to include bookcases as an integral part of the room layout, like this boldly framed recessed design by the bed, and a handily situated stack by the kids’ desk.

Visualizer: Diego Drews  

Nurture with nature. Tree wall murals and animal themed decor elements will have your little one feeling close to the benefits of nature at any time of the day.

Visualizer: Art Group  

Kids will start every day with a smile on their face with a bed like this! After climbing the novel space-saver staircase at night, mornings begin with a swift trip down a spiral slide onto a colourful cushioned floor. Custom painted walls and bunny mobiles add to the fun.

Visualizer: Abith Jos  

If you don’t want to splash custom paintwork over the entire room, then just one or two concentrated areas are enough to build impact. Check out this large inspirational wall art piece and the quirky zoning technique around this kid’s study area.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Give your little cat lover a feline fix first thing in the morning with a specialised mural.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Get kids to work off some of that excess energy by installing their very own climbing wall. A patterned backboard and colourful grips will make it into a cool decorative piece too.

Visualizer: Alive Design  

There’s often a lot going on in a kids room; lay down a round rug to give floating chaos a grounded core.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Create zoning with solid colour blocking, like this red kids’ study area, grey dressing area, and a cosy green sleeping zone with a novelty kids’ night light.

Visualizer: Ira Lysiuk  

Monochrome and MIffy, what’s not to love?

Visualizer: Olga Smetanina  

Bring in Disney magic with a Mickey Mouse themed bed and party balloon ceiling lights.

Visualizer: Maryam Shikh Ali  

Somewhere over the rainbows. A little one’s love for rainbows doesn’t automatically lead to multicolour mess, This design tames the rainbow theme into elegant pastel arcs over the window, the kids’ study, the bed and bedside tables.

Visualizer: KM Design Lab  

This cute kids’ wall decor is the ever popular Mr Fox motif. Cushions and matching rugs are available too.

Visualizer: Vu Viet Thang  

Bump up the usability of a bunk. Not only does this custom bunk bed double sleeping space over the same footprint but it includes its very own closet area too.https://www.facebook.com/vietthanginteriors

Visualizer: Manarch Studio  

Elevate a cute kids’ room with a little elegance. A modern chandelier is a beautiful, sparkly way to add an upscale air to a white or pastel decor scheme. Balance out the mature piece with child friendly motifs to keep the space appealing to youngsters.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

Carve out a space for creativity. Kids will happily draw and create anywhere but if you set up a kids’ table for them to colour on, it might just save your best furniture, floors, doors, walls, and sanity.

Visualizer: Fatma Çetin  

Draw attention to the hero piece of the room. This criss cross paint effect lands right at the peak of an adorable house shaped bed; it also presents the opportunity to introduce strong colour without having to commit to a whole wall.

Designer: Bogdanova Bureau  

Split the space. A half exposed concrete ceiling makes an industrial vibe over the sleeping area of this bedroom, whilst a blue ceiling and colour saturated walls mark out a bedroom lounge.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

In this room, a pale green backdrop embraces the restful side of the space, whilst the study area is painted as an undistracting section of white.

Visualizer: Bevidut  

Build seamless flow with adjoined furniture. This bespoke desk is interlinked with a custom bedside cabinet and built-in window seat to fashion one unbroken line.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Use lighting to accentuate wall decor. These scattered modern wall sconces seem to float along as part of a whimsical wall mural.

Visualizer: Polina Afonskaya  

Take your little explorers to the jungle with a tropical print wall covering. Bring the wild theme into the 3D domain with animal themed accessories like a quirky Seletti Monkey Lamp.

Visualizer: Olga Kolesnikova & Evgenii Baisa  

Two by two. A shared room can be the source of many a sibling argument but making everything even is a good basis for success. Be sure to double up on comfy seats and make it a double work space too.

Visualizer: TOL’KO interiors  

Embrace sloping ceilings as a design opportunity. This luxury kids’ room features a wood clad tier-fall with scattered lighting and a cool bubble hanging chair.

Visualizer: N.Team  

Chase away the nightmares with kids’ night lights like these adorable sitting rabbit lamps.

Designer: ATO Studio  
Visualizer: Halo Studio  

Kids like to move around and change position a lot, so you’re going to want to give them choices. A children’s armchair makes a comfy little spot for curling up with picture books, whilst a fluffy rocker is good for giggles!

Designer: Level 80 Architects  

Make cosy corners. This floor bed has been encapsulated in a dark and glowy aesthetic to promote rest and relaxation.

Visualizer: Studia 54  

One whole wall has been transformed into a series of cosy nooks in this custom fitted kids’ room, including bunks, backlit bookcases and a playhouse themed daybed.

Visualizer: DA Design Studio  

Mountains of fun. Liven up plain walls with an illustrative mountain mural to bring out a sense of adventure.

Visualizer: Miha Cubicle  

Live the high life with a lofted play space. This raised wooden volume is balanced out by a wood lined study space below.

Visualizer: Anna Fedorenko  

Layer up textures. Think fluffy rugs, pouchy bean bag chairs, soft upholstered bed bases, and even bushy indoor plants to bring layers of interest to a kids’ room.

Visualizer: Lena Grytsenko  

Coloured glass bedroom pendant lights add gently translucent contrasting colour, which looks just as precious in daylight as when lit.

Visualizer: SK Interiors  

Add a sense of grandeur to a little princesses room with a flamboyant bedroom chair.

Visualizer: Render Vision  

Often it’s open spaces that excite a child most, so where space allows don’t feel pressured to fill in the gaps.

Designer: Special Project Venediktov  
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko  

Little mice will love to scurry, climb and peep around this Swiss cheese-like kids’ furniture design.

Designer: KC Design Studio  

No outdoor area at your home? Construct a multilevel play space like this unique girls’ room design with fragmented staircases, play loft and swing.

Visualizer: Buro  

Delight your mini fashionista well into their teenage years with a dedicated dressing room.

Visualizer: Nhật Vy  

A green and brown colour palette feels all about the outdoors. Add rope nets and hessian fabrics to complete the rugged scheme.

Visualizer: ZOOI  

A world map wall decal and deer head wall lamp create an outdoorsy theme alongside a rugged rope net in this one.

Visualizer: KM Design Lab  

Put up a pretty penthouse, decorated with twinkling fairy lights.

Designer: Cartelle Design  
Visualizer: Aydar Kharlamov  

Keeps kids focussed and alert in a brightly lit study area under a linear suspension light.

Visualizer: Nika Gogolashvili  

Bring colour to space decor with bold statement furniture.

Visualizer: TOL’KO interiors  

Team a lofted play space with a set of monkey bars and a rope swing to burn off some of that overflowing energy.

Designer: Select Construction Studio  
Visualizer: Diana Stoieva  

Action packed play revolves around an activity block in this pastel kids’ room.

Visualizer: Hamza Boghdady  

Zone a shared kids room with colour wraps. Full height headboards and dropped ceiling panels exaggerate a colour blocked effect, and present opportunity for recessed mood lighting too.

1. Eames style kid’s table and chair set
2. Stackable kids’ chairs
3. Mickey Mouse wall clock
4. Floating desk with storage
5. Thor hammer light
6. Superhero shelves
7. Moon light
8. Paper deer head
9. Kids’ house bed

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