51 Christmas Tree Decorations for the Jolliest Boughs

Every Christmas tree is a unique reflection of the individual or family that decorated it – and every ornament has a special story to tell. Are you looking to add to your collection, or want to start a brand new theme from scratch? We have you covered! We’ve scoured the web to collect our favorite ornaments and accents in every style and for every budget. Some are impressive works from famous designers while others are playful on-trend pieces sure to give any tree character. From individual accents for eclectic themes to complete sets for flawless coordination, there’s something here for every tree decoration strategy.

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Farmhouse Wood Christmas Tree Decorations: Carved wood ornaments a beautiful decoration choice, but they’re also practical as well – durable enough to provide holiday joy for generations and adaptable enough to flatter almost any tree theme even as your tastes change over time. This set of five features different textures and finishes for attractive variation.


Wood Nordic Snowflake Ornament Set: These laser-cut snowflake ornaments are made from durable basswood in a light natural finish. Use to complement Christmas tree themes including Scandinavian, rustic, winter wonderland, traditional, and more. Each set includes four ornaments.


Mini Skis Christmas Tree Decorations: These beautifully crafted ski ornaments feature incredible detail sure to make your Christmas tree come to life. Each set includes four pairs of skis. Use to complete a winter-themed Christmas tree or give as a gift to somebody you know who loves to hit the slopes.


DIY Stitched Christmas Tree Ornament Kit: It doesn’t get more traditional than handmade ornaments. These DIY ornament kits by Kiriki Press include an ornament-shaped cut of walnut plywood along with a selection of embroidery floss that you can weave through the predrilled holes to create your own customized designs. Choose your favorite shape or invest in a set.


Geometric Wood Christmas Tree Decorations: Designer Pat Kim’s six-ornament set is perfect for those who prefer a more modern Christmas tree theme. Each piece is crafted from durable beech wood and finished in a stylish palette of colors. Hang in fun groupings or disperse these ornaments throughout your tree.

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Bauhaus Christmas Tree Decorations: With strong geometric shapes inspired by the costumes of designer Oskar Schlemmer, an icon of the Bauhaus movement, this ornament set captures a moment in time sure to become a favorite addition to the well-curated Christmas tree. Each piece is made from turned maple, handcrafted in the Black Forest region of Germany.


Customizable Name Snowflake Ornament: Any one-of-a-kind ornament has strong heirloom potential. This made-to-order ornament works the name of the recipient into a repeating design to form an intricate snowflake shape. Each one is laser-cut from plywood and finished with a vibrant ribbon for hanging.


Vintage White Wooden Ornaments: These beautiful hardwood ornaments feature classic finial shapes in a distressed whitewashed finish, secured to a length of twine for easy hanging. Each ornament is sold separately. These timeworn pieces are ideal for a rustic, farmhouse, or traditional Christmas tree decoration themes.


Coastal Starfish Christmas Tree Garland: Are you planning to spend your holidays on the coast? This beautiful garland is made from nautical netting and adorned with real starfish at intervals. Each garland measures at over 10 feet in length. Use to give your Christmas tree a fun beachy flair.


Ferm Living Flora Christmas Tree Decorations: These charming baubles by Ferm Living provide a sophisticated way to decorate with botanical elements, each bauble made from clear glass and filled with dried flowers. Each set includes four decorations – choose between white or purple, or invest in both sets for easy coordination.


Rustic Wax Pinecone Ornament Set: Genuine pinecones have been dipped in white wax to create these beautiful wintery Christmas tree ornaments. Each one is affixed with a twine hanger, ready to enjoy. Each set includes six ornaments, also available in beige or gold.


Jonathan Adler Animal Christmas Ornaments: Enjoy a minimalist Christmas tree aesthetic without compromising on playful character with these gorgeous animal-shaped ornaments by superstar designer and sculptor Jonathan Adler. Each piece is crafted from unglazed porcelain with a sophisticated matte finish.


White Glass Christmas Ornament Set: White ornaments coordinate with almost any Christmas tree theme. This set of 12 includes a variety of sizes and finishes – some made from seeded glass, some embellished with glitter, others capped off with playful faux feathers, and more.


Wallace 2021 Silver-Plated Bell Ornament: Each year, Wallace releases a silver sleighbell imprinted with the year of production – making these ornaments especially alluring to collectors. Expand your collection or begin a new tradition with one of these radiant Christmas tree accents. Wallace bells also make fantastic gifts to commemorate the first Christmas after any major life event such as marriage, having a child, or buying a new home.


Swarovski Bell & Star Christmas Ornament: This beautiful starry bell ornament is a gorgeous Swarovski design, crafted from crystal and adorned with even smaller crystals all over the surface. Swarovski ornaments are timeless and often become treasured heirlooms within a family.


Sunburst Gold Christmas Tree Ornament: Add a splash of dazzling gold to your Christmas tree decor with this sunburst-shaped frame ornament, crafted from sturdy iron and glass to provide years of festive enjoyment. These ornaments are also popularly used as small wall-hangings.


Girard Brass Christmas Tree Decorations: Legendary designer Alexander Girard introduced the world to a diverse troupe of characters and figures throughout his illustrious career. These ornaments are the result of collaboration between Girard’s family and high-end manufacturer Vitra, his sketches rendered in metal with a polished brasslike finish.


Brass Leaf Christmas Tree Decorations: Designed by Leise Dich Abrahamsen and Ferm Living, these beautiful leaf ornaments are crafted from pure brass to lend any Christmas tree an incomparable sense of natural luminosity. Each one is finished with a clear lacquer to preserve the gleam. This set includes four ornaments equipped with fine brass chains.


Modern Black Christmas Tree Ornament Set: Are you thinking about starting a new Christmas tree theme this year? A full set of ornaments can provide a solid foundation that you can build upon with your own unique elements. This set includes 24 baubles in matte and glossy black, each one finished with different textures for attractive variation.


Iittala Red Glass Christmas Ornament Set: Crafted by luxury glass manufacturer Iittala, this set of five baubles keeps things simple with a classic silhouette and a warm monochromatic theme. Use on your tree or find other ways to incorporate these baubles within your Christmas home decor theme.


Alessi Cubik Christmas Tree Ornaments: Christmas favorites are reimagined in playful geometric shapes with the Cubik collection by Alessi. Each piece is crafted from blown glass and individually hand-decorated. Invest in your favorite or collect the entire set.


Adler Porcelain Circus Christmas Ornaments: Each ornament from the Circus collection by Jonathan Adler is a vibrant work of art worth cherishing – and they have so much charisma to offer any Christmas tree. These ornaments are crafted from fine porcelain in a high gloss glaze, decorated with vivid colors and finished with subtle gold details.


Colorful Miniature Christmas Ornament Set: Miniature ornaments are a fantastic way to fill the empty gaps in your Christmas tree design, adding plentiful pops of color right where you need it. This set includes 48 ornaments each accented with little tufts of gold tinsel for sparkle and gleam.


Carrot Christmas Tree Decoration: The humble carrot is a reoccurring theme in Christmas traditions around the world – often serving as a favorite treat for Santa’s reindeer. This beautifully crafted glass ornament makes it easy to incorporate this trope into your tree decoration theme.


Porcelain Disney Christmas Tree Decorations: These stunning Disney princess ornaments abound with nostalgia in every detail. Prestigious porcelain company Lenox is well-known for their highly collectible ornaments, each piece crafted to the highest standards for heirloom-quality appeal. This set includes Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle.


Handmade Blue Felted Acorn Ornaments: Felted merino wool and real acorn caps are crafted into a whimsical set of ornaments to lend a little touch of wonder to your Christmas tree theme. This set includes 10 handmade ornaments in an uplifting teal blue.


Green Drop Glass Ornaments: Love glass ornaments but want to mix things up from the typical bauble? This set is crafted from smooth green glass in an elegant drop-like shape, capped with an iron hanger so you can attach your own ribbon or hook for hanging.


Waterford Lismore Glass Christmas Ornaments: Waterford has a long and rich history, producing some of the most sought-after glassware collections in the world. The luxurious Lismore ornament collection is crafted with Waterford’s legendary attention to detail. Each one is presented in an attractive box suitable for storage or gifting.


French Lavender Christmas Tree Decoration: This unique Christmas tree decoration features real French lavender petals encased in transparent resin, each one boasting its own subtle variations for one-of-a-kind appeal.


Winter Villa Mini Christmas Ornament Set: Create a little Christmas village in the boughs of your tree with the Winter Villa ornament set. Each set includes 14 small ornaments shaped like abstract trees, buildings, and whimsical characters all sculpted from sturdy beechwood and painted in brilliant hues.


Glittery Dessert Christmas Tree Decorations: These sweet treat ornaments are crafted from luminous glass and accented with glitter, heart-shaped tags, and endless detail. Each set includes six different ornaments ideal for a modern Christmas theme.


Hallmark Grinch Christmas Tree Decoration: Hallmark offers a nod to a true holiday favorite with this playful Grinch ornament. This piece is crafted from durable resin for the durability to last through many Christmases to come.


Felted Llama Christmas Tree Decorations: Playful felted llamas offer an offbeat holiday decoration option for creative Christmas tree themes. Each llama expresses its own unique personality with fashion accessories like shawls, collars, and scarves.


Felted Rainbow Christmas Tree Garland: It’s impossible to add too much color to a festive Christmas tree design. This pom-pom garland delights with every color of the rainbow, each “bead” made from felted wool for a warm and cozy look. Each garland measures at 5 feet in length. Invest in multiple sets to cover a taller tree.


Fabric Scandinavian Ornaments: The charming Copenhagen ornament set by Ferm Living is a series that pays homage to different landmarks and cultural traditions of the company’s home city. Each piece is expertly embroidered over soft organic cotton, the filling made from recycled polyester. These ornaments would make lovely gifts for the world traveler.


Clay Candy Cane Christmas Tree Decorations: Crafted from lightweight polymer clay, these beautiful decorations provide a more permanent alternative to the classic candy cane ornament. Choose from five different color options – or mix and match to perfectly coordinate with your Christmas tree decoration theme.


Fabric Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornaments: These handmade fabric-wrapped candy cane ornaments offer a charming bohemian twist on a favorite Christmas tradition. Each set includes four matching ornaments, available in red or white.


White and Red Wood Christmas Ornaments: Easy to hang and enjoy – these classic Christmas shapes are crafted from durable wood and painted with festive patterns. Each set includes 12 ornaments, each equipped with convenient straps for hanging.


Swedish Tomte Christmas Tree Decorations: Tomte (also known as nisse) are playful gnomelike creatures found throughout Nordic folklore. In modern times, they’re especially strongly associated with winter and Christmas. This ornament set is crafted from soft felt and fabric with little puffs of faux fur for the beards. Each set includes six tomte ornaments.


Flameless Christmas Tree Candle Decorations: Enjoy the look of a traditional candle-lighted tree without the fire risk with this set of LED Christmas tree candles. Each one is made from real wax, the wick and faux flame expertly crafted to mimic the cozy flickering of a just-lit candle. Each set includes 20 battery-operated candles controllable by remote or timer.


Glass Cardinal Clip-On Tree Decoration: Cardinals are a classic Christmas tree decoration and this ornament honors that tradition with its timeless vintage-inspired construction. Each cardinal is crafted from mouth-blown molded glass to achieve exceptional detail throughout. The clip attachment makes it easy to perch this cardinal right on your tree branch of choice.

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Nordic Red and White Glass Ornament Set: Are you beginning a brand new palette for your Christmas tree decor theme? This red and white ornament set includes 25 pieces to help you start a perfectly coordinated collection without the effort – each set includes baubles, finials, pinecones, and more.

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Red and Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments: This gorgeous hand-painted ornament set provides artisanal charm for a traditional Christmas tree theme. Each set includes a brilliant range of styles, textures, shapes, and patterns – all in classic red and gold.


Rose Gold Christmas Ornament Set: Embrace the rose gold trend within your holiday decor using this all-in-one ornament set. Each set is extremely diverse – here you’ll find finials, baubles, pinecones, stars, stocking shapes, mittens, presents, trees, and so much more. Plastic construction makes each ornament shatterproof and family-friendly.


Donuts and Cupcakes Christmas Ornaments: Why not make your holidays a little sweeter? This ornament set includes traditional baubles along with unique ornaments shaped like various treats – lollipops, candies, donuts, cupcakes, ice cream cones, and even a few bottles of wine.


Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt: A well-curated Christmas tree theme is never complete without a coordinated tree skirt. This attractive design is crafted from faux fur embroidered with gold snowflakes, available in three sizes to suit whichever size of tree you tend to favor.


Burlap and Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt: Perfect for rustic and traditional Christmas tree themes, this gorgeously handcrafted tree skirt combines textural burlap with playful ruffles in classic plaid. Each skirt measures at a spacious 48 inches across to suit larger tree sizes.


Berry Christmas Tree Topper: Finish your perfectly curated Christmas tree with a topper that feels fresh and lively. The attractive Berry Bouquet tree topper by Balsam Hill measures at an impressive 31 inches in height and 17 inches in width to create a lively spray of color atop even the largest trees.


Crystal Crown Christmas Tree Topper: Cap off a more modern Christmas tree design with this regal crown-shaped tree topper. The metal framing is accented with dazzling warm white fairy lights and faceted faux crystals that provide a sparkling gleam.


Solar Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations: For outdoor Christmas trees, this solar light set makes decorating easier than ever. This set is completely cordless – each bulb is powered by a small built-in solar panel and readily attached to any branch with a convenient included clip. Each set includes 8 lights.


Outdoor Christmas Tree Meteor Lights: These beautiful outdoor Christmas tree lights feature an animated LED effect that mimics the look of falling rain or a dazzling meteor shower. These lights are fully waterproof for dependable performance in any climate.

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