30 White Living Rooms That Exude Purity And Peace

There is nothing quite as restful on the eye as the purity of a fresh white interior space. Coming home to an uncomplicated white living room decor scheme can bring you peace and serenity after a day away in a world that is visually cluttered with an endless confusion of colour. A plain scheme is like a cool calming breath of fresh air. If a lounge devoid of colour doesn’t appeal to you, then decorating the room to have a pure white backdrop also gives you the perfect canvas on which to splash a selection of brighter furniture and accessories that you can change out easily at will.

Designer: DNA Concept Design  
Photographer: Hey!Cheese Photography  

Our first white living room has a light grey settee that looks upon a slimline console shelf, which spans the length of the room. Above the television is a row of wall cabinets that merge seamlessly with the underside of a soffit. A black Eames bird matches the dark window frames, where the white living room curtains open to one side to allow in more natural light.

Architect: Amir Navon Designer: Yael Perry & Dafna Gravinsky  

This black and white living room centres around a chunky chaise sofa, which is the only dark piece in the room. A set of wire-framed shelves fill the wall around the television, displaying a small selection of decorative items.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

A white living room rug forms a subtle visual base for this lounge setup. A trio of grey coffee tables act as a centrepiece in front of a huge sectional sofa.

Visualizer: TheGoort  

A bright yellow accent chair and recessed teal shelves add small splashes of vibrant colour to this white living room decor.

Visualizer: Oporski  

Contrasting sections appear as geometric volumes in this grey and white living room. The modern sofa is made of sharp simple lines that complement the contemporary architecture.

Designer: Mayelle  

A modern white living room chair and sofa match a statement spiral staircase in this striking space. A black fireplace and low level coffee table provide contrast.

Visualizer: Oporski  

This open plan lounge and kitchen have their separate uses defined by differing shades of solid decor. The smooth grey kitchen cabinets, walls and floor appear as a shadowy box to one side of the lighter living zone.

Visualizer: Arch 625  

A large bookcase grabs all of the attention in this scheme, with shelving made from warm woodtone.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Minimalist living rooms are probably best known for being decorated in a plain white fashion, but you don’t have to get rid of all of your belongings to enjoy the minimalist aesthetic.

Designer: Brain Factory  

Indoor plants add a fresh feeling of life to an all white living room, and they will bring colour to a room without the need to actually commit to colourful decor.

Visualizer: Hung Le  

On trend monochrome geometric styling boosts a white walls living room, and adding a small amount of wood tone can go a long way in warming a cool interior palette.

Photographer: Paulina Arcklin  

This rustic living room has white-washed furniture and floors that allow a little of the original grain to show through. It’s a clever way to tie the whole scheme together as one cohesive colour theme without losing the character of the pieces. You can find more pictures of this wonderful apartment here.

Visualizer: Home D  

Tribal decor uses rattan and natural elements to add texture and interest to a room; the effect of this styling on a pure canvas can be stunning.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

This black and white living room decor keeps all of the base notes at floor level, including monochrome artwork propped by the large sectional sofa. The boiserie around the walls, the coving, fireplace, mirror frame and lighting are as pure as fresh fallen snow.

Architect: Project A01  

A sweeping view from surrounding picture windows are enough to decorate this modern white living room. Even the balustrades of the open plan staircase is made of clear frameless glass so as not to obstruct the scenery.

Source: Cor  

You may think that having white living room furniture sets will not go hand-in-hand with the children in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the white lounge you’re dreaming of. Washable white wall paint and quality floor paint will withstand washing of spills and scribbles, and you can opt for a darker upholstered sofa and rug.

Source: Cor  

A brown and white living room has a sophisticated look.

Visualizer: Geometrix  

This high contrast black and white living room furniture has a space-age look.

Visualizer: Pix 3D  

Black and white photography makes a perfect gallery wall for a black and white living room.

Designer: Hintegro  

Pastel colour artwork takes the white walls of this lounge in a different direction.

Visualizer: Valery Kelch  

Scatter cushions offer an easy change option in adding a splash of colour to a light scheme. A wooden feature ceiling makes this white space look warmer too.

Visualizer: ID White  

Whilst the black on white colourway of this decor appears sharp, the white living room set has soft curved corners and edges, as though the sofa and footstool were made of giant marshmallows.

Designer: Pascal Grasso Architects  

These white living room cabinets appear like architectural extrusions up one wall, spaced apart like the steps of a ladder.

Visualizer: Alexandra Fedorova  

An open plan kitchen diner backs this white sitting room; each zone carries the pure decor right through with just a couple of wooden accents in decorative wall recesses and the kitchen backsplash.

Visualizer: Hilight  

In a plain scheme you can go a little more adventurous with accessories, like these modern living room lamps with oversized shades.

Visualizer: Andrey Zyomko  

This grey and white decor living room has a grey area rug to anchor the white leather living room furniture in place.

Designer: Resolution: 4 Architecture  

The pale grey shade of this sofa gives the piece wonderfully subtle definition within the light room.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio   

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Designer: Jamie Bush & Co.  

Lime green accessories add zest to this ocean facing room.

Visualizer: Danila Komarov  

This black white and grey living room uses natural toned accents to break up the expanse of monochrome.

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