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Maison L / Kawahara Krause Architects

August 2, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The remodeling of an old stone house in western France was to give the house a new order, make it more spacious inside, but at the same time preserve its very own character. The house from 1850 and some lower annexes form a courtyard, through which it is accessed. Behind the house is the garden. The building ensemble is built in local stone, the main house has wooden ceilings. Before the remodeling, the inside was divided into small-cell rooms with thin, non-load-bearing walls in contrast to the very thick, solid exterior walls.

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Expansion of Hospital da Luz in Lisbon / RISCO

July 16, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

The expansion of Hospital da Luz in Lisbon does not involve constructing a new building within the Hospital’s complex, but rather a physical expansion of the existing structure. The nature of the program implies a complete integration since the intention is not to create new services, but to expand, restructure and innovate those that are already offered.

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Star House / Célula . Arquitectura e Consultoria

July 13, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

A house from the beginning of the twentieth century, situated in a privileged area of Lisbon, composed of three floors and a garage, with a splendorous garden at the back. There are various living rooms of many sizes, a beautiful library facing the garden, three bedrooms, and an attic for storage.