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When the Architect Designs for Communities: 9 Cultural Equipments

June 24, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

A public program fulfills several functions that, in addition to improving the social dynamics of the surroundings, can be an important factor in increasing the feeling of belonging, the offer of jobs and services, and the quality of life in the area. Therefore, after presenting popular housing projects developed in Brazilian communities, we searched for cultural equipment that occupy rural and urban areas that are less privileged in terms of infrastructure.

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How to Store Your Bicycle in Small Spaces?

June 23, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

A few years ago, it was more common for the bicycle to be seen as an option for leisure and sport in large Brazilian cities. Currently, in the face of the climate crisis, the price of fuel, and more cyclist-friendly planning (although far from ideal), the bicycle has gained more and more prominence and has become a transport option for the population. However, we know that it is not always easy to find a place to keep it in our homes. Therefore, we present some possibilities.

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Queer Spaces and the Path of Positive Possibilities Within Architecture: an Interview with Adam Nathaniel Furman

May 27, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

“Growing up queer means experiencing the destabilizing absence of a broad and accessible queer history, most notably, in our case, in relation to spatial design”. This account is what intrigued artist Adam Nathaniel Furman and architectural historian Joshua Mardell to bring together a community of contributors who bring new perspectives to the field of architecture and share stories of spaces that challenge cis-heteronormative morals, sheltering lives that seek to live their own truths. The result of this quest is a book titled Queer Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQIA+ Places and Stories, which explores stories about distinct social, political, and geographical contexts within the community.

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From Lina Bo Bardi to Renzo Piano: When Drawing Translates the Experience of Space

May 13, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

If today technologies are emerging for different forms of representation and interaction with drawing, understanding how architects communicate through hand-drawn strokes can be essential to delve into the topic of architectural visualization. Through the simplicity of gestures, small texts or a collage of references, it is possible to translate ideas in an innovative way, unlike the ways that a render can present. For this reason, we highlight here the work of great names such as Lina Bo Bardi, Renzo Piano, Pezo von Ellrichshausen and Mikkel Frost, who, using different techniques, reveal different ways of representing a project.

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What Can We Learn About Zero Carbon From Lelé’s Work?

March 30, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

The Zero Carbon policy is intended to create a kind of ecological balance to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions. Several studies report that the construction sector is one of the main responsible for the unbalance in which we find ourselves today, after all, it consumes natural resources on a gigantic scale and still builds buildings that do not collaborate with the maintenance of the environment. Therefore, searching for paths towards a carbon neutral architecture has become fundamental and one of them is learning from past masters, such as the Brazilian architect João Filgueiras Lima, known as Lelé.

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Inspired by Nature: Getting to Know the Work of Atelier Marko Brajovic

March 21, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

Based in São Paulo, Atelier Marko Brajovic was founded in 2006 by architect Marko Brajovic. With a multidisciplinary practice, the idea of the hybrid manifests itself as the conceptual north of the office that operates on several fronts: architecture, scenography, expography, creative direction, interior and product design. With a vast language that explores different areas, formats and aesthetics, its projects are, above all, recognized for breaking with the modern canon and seeking solutions in nature.

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“Images Tell the Truth of the Author”: Behind the Scenes with Pablo Casals-Aguirre

January 7, 2022 Victor Delaqua 0

In this episode of “Behind the Scenes”, where we showcase the work of visionary photographers and ask about their experiences beyond what is seen by the public, we present Pablo Casals-Aguirre, an architect, professor, photographer, and filmmaker based in Santiago, Chile. Here, he shares his methodology, which he developed with references to cinema, and highlights his intentions of translating the best architectural works into imagery – be it still or in movement.

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“Universal Representation Is Utopian”: Erica Malunguinho Talks About Urban Equity

October 26, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

When crossing a space, a body carries within it many meanings. The reading that translates into this person-architecture dialogue, and the sensations that arise from it, demonstrate much of the social inequality and violent structures intrinsic to the Western imagination, which privileges the same standard: the white man. Finding a place of rebalancing in which it is possible to create an alternation of power —in race and gender – is a commitment by Erica Malunguinho.

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Is There a Solution to Inequality in Latin American Cities?

October 6, 2021 Victor Delaqua 0

The concept of equity is different from equality; equity means everyone needs support, but not necessarily in the same way. Therefore, the concept of urban equity allows us to preserve the uniqueness of each region of a municipality, protecting diversity and richness without overlooking infrastructure needs, which directly affect the quality of public space and the basic services required for a private residence – it allows us to design and invest in the city fairly, regardless of the region.