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Hybrid Home: Humana Reimagines the Workplace for a Post-Pandemic Era

June 23, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

The pandemic has transformed how we work around the world. Companies have quickly rethought traditional workflows to stay connected and focus on the employee experience. Reimagining their workplaces in a holistic way, designers at Louisville-based Humana are working on new workplace models that ensure employee safety and well-being while creating greater flexibility and diverse ways to collaborate.

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Studio NYALI: “Architects Need to Reckon with Our Roles as Translators”

June 16, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

Reframing culture and identity begins with context and perspective. For London-based architecture practice Studio NYALI, this act of reframing is at the heart of contemporary design. Founded by Nana Biamah-Ofosu and Bushra Mohamed, their work aims to center peripheral identities, cultures and people by examining, challenging and shifting architectural critiques and narratives. This critical perspective moves education and practice towards a more inclusive, holistic understanding of the built environment.

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Room for Prayer: Designing for Spirituality and Sanctuary

June 9, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

Few spaces are as intimate and contemplative as prayer rooms. Designed as both stand-alone structures and part of larger projects, prayer rooms are made as an architecture of introspection. Located within a house of worship or funerary space, or for their own dedicated purpose, these quiet rooms offer tranquil areas to consider life and the passage of time. Reflecting larger ideas on specific faiths and spirituality, they are designed as spaces of symbolism and sanctuary. 

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Building Blocks: Rethinking the Facade in Berlin

June 2, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

Berlin is a city defined by an eclectic mix of style and a rich history. It’s built environment has been dramatically shaped by a series of municipal construction programs, and in turn, a past of extensive demolition, planned residential areas, and diverse new cultural projects. Combined with influences across Europe, Berlin’s contemporary architecture showcases new ideas on building concepts, forms and facades.

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Algorithms & Aesthetics: The Future of Generative Design

May 26, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

Machine learning and generative design are profoundly shaping modern life. A central critique to the value and advancement of artificial intelligence, especially in the context of architecture, is the ability for a machine to design, as well as the resulting fear that professional services may be limited. As cities continue to develop, new tools emerge to help envision and create the built environment. How can architects embrace generative design to reimagine models of sustainability, inclusive practice, and new aesthetics?

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Recipe for Success: The Architecture of Michelin Restaurants

May 19, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

Cooking and architecture parallel one another. Combining ingredients to make a whole, both processes are tied to cultural context, creativity and meaning. While we can understand how cultures have changed over time by looking at how their cuisine has changed, the same can be said of architecture. In both cases, the end products are based around human interaction and are brought to life through experience.

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Parliaments of the World: Designing the Architecture of Government

May 12, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

The architecture of governments has long been tied to shared ideals. Built to reflect regional aspirations and communal organizations, parliaments are a unique type of design for legislative bodies. Generally speaking, they include various kinds of deliberative, consultative, and judicial assemblies. Exploring new ideas on the design of government buildings, parliaments are being reimagined to reflect contemporary life.

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Star of the North: Uncovering a New Architecture in Minnesota

May 5, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

Architecture draws together influences in art, culture and daily life. When designing for local communities and sourcing regional materials, architects often take inspiration from vernacular traditions. Utilizing traditional materials and resources from the area where a building is located, they draw from local climates and a history of building and ideas. Building sites around the world are diverse locations shaped by new construction technologies, past techniques, and changing conditions of cultural life.

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Pacific Splendor: San Diego’s Architectural Evolution

April 28, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

San Diego is a city tied to the ocean. In turn, its architecture responds to a variety of cultural influences and natural conditions. Home to diverse and distinct architectural styles, San Diego has everything from Queen Anne Victorian homes and craftsman bungalows to Spanish colonial revival structures. Besides monumental works like the Salk Institute and Geisel Library, San Diego is also home to a range of contemporary cultural and residential projects.

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Cabins, Compounds & Country Homes: Residential Design in Upstate New York

April 21, 2022 Eric Baldwin 0

New York’s residential design culture extends far beyond the Big Apple. The Hudson Valley is a region that stretches along the Hudson River from Westchester County to Albany. Known for its vineyards, orchards and farms, the river valley includes a series of small towns and remote homes. Today, these rural residences are being designed to explore the connections between people, nature and place.