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ArchDaily New Brand Image

January 13, 2022 David Basulto 0

When we started ArchDaily 14 years ago, we wanted to represent it through the archetypal image of a building, in an isometric view, blue color. After a quick sketch, we had the first version of our logo, which iterated throughout the years, adapted to diverse applications from wooden trophies to stickers, becoming a staple brand among architects.

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ArchDaily: 2022 and the Evolution of Architecture

January 2, 2022 David Basulto 0

After a 2020 that will be remembered as a point of inflection for our global society, 2021 only reminded us that the fast phase of change was here to stay, and that a new attitude towards the way we see and embrace the world was needed. A challenge that we took with optimism. 

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ArchDaily Selects the Best New Practices of 2021

November 30, 2021 David Basulto 0

As our world evolves at an unprecedented pace, the challenges that come with it are becoming more and more complex. The questions faced by the cities and networks of our global world, the physical and virtual environments where our evolution takes place, are making architecture more relevant than ever. 

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Most referenced by Architects: the Top Brands

September 6, 2021 David Basulto 0

Our mission is to deliver inspiration, knowledge and tools to help architects and everybody in the industry of architecture to do more and better, in order to face the fastly evolving challenges and complexities of our built environment.

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Beat Guhl: “We Allow Architects to Build Fluid, Uninterrupted, and Digitized Spaces”

June 3, 2020 David Basulto 0

We spoke with Beat Guhl, CEO of Sky-Frame, during the Swiss Bau fair – one of the largest events in the materials industry. Sky-Frame produces frameless sliding window systems; vital components to achieve an effective and efficient transparency in architectural projects. The company is constantly pushing for technical innovation and works closely with architects to help achieve fluid spatial concepts.