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51 Faux And Genuine Leather Office Chairs

March 2, 2021 HD Staff 0

An ideal office chair should provide users with durable comfort for long periods of time. Its design needs to be ergonomic, ideally with lumbar support and a variety of adjustments to relieve body discomfort during a long shift. Desirable options include memory foam cushions, mid-to-high backs, and soft leather upholstery, real or faux. Arms should […]

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51 Oversized Chairs That Make The Case For Bigger Is Better

September 15, 2020 HD Staff 0

Oversized chairs are perfect for lounging with a good read, binging your favorite TV shows, or sprawling out after a hard day. Plus, contrary to popular belief, oversized chairs aren’t just for those that have a lot of space to spare. There are also folding versions for those who are embracing apartment or compact living—and […]

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51 Club Chairs that Offer Supreme Comfort and Timeless Style

July 21, 2020 HD Staff 0

What was made to be a comfortable armchair for gentlemen’s clubs in the mid-19th century has become a staple in homes that crave functional seating. However, while you can still find many classically styled club chairs today—with rounded backs and leather upholstery—there are also many updated designs that have a more feminine and contemporary touch. […]

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51 Folding Chairs that Small Spaces Crave and Every Home Needs

June 9, 2020 HD Staff 0

If the words “folding chairs” bring up memories of the boring metal chairs found at graduations and weddings, you certainly aren’t alone. Luckily, these less-than-ideal options only scrape the surface of what is available for folding seating. There are tons of folding chairs that go above and beyond the plain and boring—including these 51 options […]

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Papasan Chairs: 51 Fresh New Ways to Enjoy a Retro Favorite

April 7, 2020 HD Staff 0

A cultural icon of 70s furniture design that never fell completely out of style – the famous papasan chair still holds decorative sway today, its look and materials constantly changing with the times. Before this look was imported into the western realm of furniture design, initially by soldiers returning from war, what we know as […]

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51 Leather & Faux Leather Chairs that Redefine Classic Comfort

March 31, 2020 HD Staff 0

What could define timeless elegance better than the classic leather chair? Trends come and go, but the leather chair remains an enduring staple. In this post, we’ve collected a wide variety of leather chair options that range from sharp modern styles to traditional favorites. Here, you can find high-end faux leather options that look and […]

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51 Sleeper Chairs For Space-Saving Guest Bed Alternatives

March 3, 2020 HD Staff 0

Looking for a stylish way to accommodate overnight guests? The design world has a wealth of choices including pull out sofas, hideaway beds, trundles, and more. Sleeper chairs are another option – a little more uncommon and a little harder to find, but with excellent space-saving potential and multipurpose appeal. An attractive sleeper chair can […]

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51 Barrel Chairs with Statement-Piece Potential

February 25, 2020 HD Staff 0

Also known as the tub chair, drum chair, and sometimes conflated with the club chair, the barrel chair is a classic furniture profile with timeless appeal. Long beloved for its comfortable hug-like shape, the humble barrel chair is a favorite for lounges and casual social spaces, and sometimes even refined for use at the dining […]

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China Design [Working Title] highlights work by “young and aspirational generation” of designers

December 12, 2019 Alyn Griffiths 0
china design [working title]

Furniture by designers including Joyce Wang and Mario Tsai is on show at this Shanghai exhibition organised by contemporary art and design platform The Artling. Titled China Design [Working Title] and curated by creative consultant Yoko Choy, the exhibition opened at The Artling’s gallery space in the central Jing’an district to coincide with two major

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A’ Furniture And Decor Design Award Winners

October 15, 2019 Erin 0

This article has been brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. A’ Design Award & Competition is the Worlds’ leading design accolade reaching design enthusiasts around the world, and showcasing the 10,051 award winners made up of 180 nationalities. A’ Design Award winning works are translated to all major languages in order to connect […]